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Siskiyou County Off-Road Riders (S.C.O.R.R).....

Is a local off road club representing all forms of off highway users. We are headquartered in Yreka, California. Our primary areas of influence are Siskiyou and Shasta Counties, Klamath National Forest, Shasta Trinity National Forest and Modoc National Forest. These areas historically have been unmanaged when it comes to off-road riding and you basically could ride most anywhere and not bother anyone or be bothered by someone.

Our membership is currently over 300 members and continues to grow on a monthly basis. SCORR is a family based club. We currently have ATVs, dirt bikes, dual sports, 4x4 trucks and Jeeps and dune buggies in our representation.

SCORR was formed in April 2003 as a result of various concerns (issues) from local riders. One such issue was when BLM began to enforce their off road travel restrictions in the local area, giving out several very expensive tickets. Another concern was that local riders didn't know where it was legal or illegal to ride off road vehicles. The other major concern was the lack of information sharing between riders throughout the local area.

The club was started by Past President Mike Weber by word of mouth. Mike got several riders together and spread the word that anybody that would like to form an off-road club were invited to a meeting at the local ATV dealer. The turnout was big and included people from all over Siskiyou County. Mike and his crew put together a public relation plan to have a cleanup day at a small riding area at the edge of Yreka. This area not only was a riding area, but was a dumping grounds for several years and was an eye sore to everyone that toured through the area. The response was good and resulted in a positive image for the newly formed SCORR. SCORR had 60 members in no time. Mike and fellow board members followed up with bylaws and getting the club in the non-profit status.

The objectives of SCORR are:

  • Protect and promote forest access
  • Promote safe and responsible riding
  • Promote responsible resource protection
  • Promote family and fun activities
  • Promote local economies
  • Have Fun/ Ride Safe at all times.

SCORR develops and publishes an annual calender of events each December that lists all scheduled events for the year which includes a ride each month and other scheduled events. Local rides are open to the public and are set up based on the number of riders. If we get enough riders, the club will put on a feast.

We plan two out of town events each year. The first is the Oregon Dunes on Mothers Day weekend and the other is in September and this year it is at Stonyford in the Mendocino National Forest. These rides are open to anyone that wants to come not just club members. The club provides for a club dinner.

Our major event is the Craggy Mountain Poker Run held on Memorial Day weekend. It is located only 10 miles for Yreka, which makes easy access for riders and guest. We have a lot of fun on this weekend. For those that like to camp, we have lots of room. We have a pre-ride and horseshoe tournament on Saturday. Sunday is the poker run and more horseshoes.

The Poker Run includes two courses, an easy course of about 30 miles which includes roads and trails for those that like easy riding and good site seeing. The intermediate course is usually in excess of 50 miles and also includes roads and trails, but the trails are much more challenging. Both courses go form creek bottom to some of the highest peaks and ridges in the area. Both routes have some of the best scenery to be seen is northern California.

Food and refreshments are available all weekend long. We also have a BBQ's on Saturday and Sunday nights and serve lunch on Sunday after the run.

The last event of the year is our Christmas dinner which is open to members and guest. This is our thank you to all             S.C.O.R.R. members for their support.

Some of the target goals that S.C.O.R.R. are currently working on are as follows:

    • Developing a comprehensive county wide system of designated roads and trails
    • Develop three OVH play areas
    • Encourage local town to become ATV Friendly
    • Develop and make available maps of local riding areas
    • Implement a partnership with the Klamath National Forest for trail management


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